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Professional outlets

Seismic safety and sustainable urban development 

II level international and inter-university Master in:

The outgoing professionals, evaluated in the context of innovative areas and on the basis of an advanced multidisciplinary training , will be oriented to the exercise of a plurality of highly qualified activities in the field of territory seismic safety , territorial and structural geophysical diagnostics and the monitoring of elements of the territory and territorial systems, increasing and perfecting their technical and transversal skills .

All activities that will offer the actual possibility of enhancing the knowledge and skills acquired for entering the world of work, within targeted initiatives of institutional and entrepreneurial structures Partners of the HENSE SCHOOL, which will motivate participatory dynamics in the territory management, promoting a sense of responsibility and social cohesion . 

In particular, through specific internship activities at these structures, for which the preparation of a thesis relating to the analysis of case studies is envisaged as a final test, an opportunity will be offered to critically investigate the safety issues of the territory, verifying the learning levels.


The trained professionals will therefore be part of  Local / National / International Network of Territory Safety Professionals, who will be constantly updated with dedicated university courses of high executive training; they will be expression of a  innovative knowledge economy and social innovation , which will provide economic and social actors of the territory the necessary interdisciplinary technical structure for the implementation and management of specific programs for civil protection purposes, together with the scientific support of the partner universities of the HENSE SCHOOL . Registration in the Network may also be requested by those who have already obtained a Master course on seismic safety of the territory, with a training course similar to the one proposed, only following an upgrade of knowledge to be assessed individually.

The certification of skills is carried out through Open-Badges 2.0, compliant with the international IMS Global Standard 


The professional roles that it will be possible to cover as a result of the achievement of the joint title, due to the interdisciplinary training acquired, are referable to a plurality of collaborations with public and private bodies as well as in the context of profession or team of professionals:

  • Public and private bodies, operating in the sector of territory planning  and structural diagnostic campaigns with semiotic approaches; ​

  • Public and private bodies, professional firms and design companies active in the sector of strategic urban planning of territorial systems falling in areas of high vulnerability and seismic hazard, based on scenarios of seismic damage and systemic vulnerability of the roads;

  • Public Administrations, Local Bodies, for consultancy relating to the definition of strategies for territorial systems / districts related to the evaluation of environmental and territorial resources in territory regeneration processes;

  • Public and private bodies, design companies and professionals operating in the field of monitoring elements of the territory; ​

  • Public bodies operating in the sector of program management for civil protection purposes;


Skills acquired in the training path of the Master course are also suitable for accessing innovative research doctorates focused on the safety of territorial systems.

Professional profile and career and employment opportunities 

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