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The HENSE SCHOOL, the UNIVERSITY OF MESSINA and the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE of Messina promote the Nineteen Project which involves a plurality of economic and social actors, linked by relational dynamics of interdependence, in the creation of an innovation ecosystem for territory safety  and sustainable development capable of generating value . 
A multidimensional, interdisciplinary, social and economic project  by HENSE SCHOOL, which encourages the activation and strengthening of cooperation relations between the economic and social actors of the territory for the safety of the territory,. ......


The configuration and promotion of the international and inter-university II level Master course in SEISMIC SAFETY AND SUSTAINABLE URBAN DEVELOPMENT   is therefore referable as well as to the Nineteen Project,   also to a set of initiatives aimed at supporting an international project for the evolution of traditional Training and Research Centers, for the definition of specific training paths for innovative professionals in the sector the territory safety, in the context of an environmental management policy that has, as an ethical precondition, the sustainable economic development of the community. Initiatives funded in 2018 by the MUR  (Italian Ministry of Research) which granted a contribution to the "Hense School" Advanced Training Pilot Project and gave an endorsement   in 2020 for the activation of the Master course,  confirming the interest in the HENSE SCHOOL project and in particular in the practical teaching applications of the project ", while waiting " details of the specific initiative and to know the subsequent effects on the territories and communities of reference "



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