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The HENSE SCHOOL  partnerships


The HENSE SCHOOL encourages the implementation of innovative projects and protocols for organizations and businesses aimed at the inclusion of innovation and the knowledge economy in institutional and entrepreneurial practices, which can allow their institutional and competitive repositioning in their respective activity segments.

The activation of Partnership Agreements with the economic and social actors of a territorial system on issues related to the territory safety which is oriented towards the sustainable development of a specific territorial area, characterizes a space of aggregation for sharing experiences, in terms both of cultural and organizational change in the relations between the same economic and social actors, both of shared and participatory logics of management of the territory.

The objective is attributable to the promotion of cooperation and sharing processes based on the contribution of clusters of networks of a Community of Universities, Research Centers, Institutions, Companies, as well as on the integration of policies of capitalization of skills and experiences (from research to field experimentation of processes, from dissemination to best practices), with processes to promote the culture of social responsibility and the right to safety, in the context of a social dimension of resilience.

The activation of Partnership with the HENSE SCHOOL 

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