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The training path of the Master course is articulated on a model of Partnership between public and private subjects (Universities, Research Centers, Institutions and Companies) with the aim of creating, delivering and managing innovation ecosystem services for training, for territory safety and social planning   intended to satisfy the needs of safety  and sustainable economic development of the Community. And this, having regard to the different typology (public-private) of subjects involved in the planning, delivery, coordination and management of structured training courses that include:   training; Internship; interaction and integration protocols with the territory; procedures of cultural and experiential enrichment, as well as the acquisition of innovative skills   through the field experimentation of the usability of the same training pats ;


The role of Lead Partner of the Academic Partners , for the purpose of providing training activities and all obligations, including administrative ones,   is covered, for the four-year period 2022-2025, by the University  of Messina ; the role of Lead Partner of the non-academic Partners, involved in different capacities in the Master course, with the aim of coordinating all activities,   is carried out, for the same four-year period 2022-2025, by HENSE SCHOOL through its own Consortium Management Committee,   in which the representatives of the Associated Partners participate in accordance with the provisions of the Statute; ​

For the training course, a  joint title will be issued, that is a single qualification recognized and validated by all the Universities of the HENSE SCHOOL Network that have promoted the Master course, on the basis of a specific Network Agreement .

The announcement of the Master course


Training path

The training path  

Seismic safety and sustainable urban development 

II level international and inter-university Master course in:

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