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general and specific training objectives 

HENSE SCHOOL, with the contribution of all its associated Partners (Universities, public and private research centres, Institutions, companies, professional associations), aims  to develop cooperation between Universities of different countries in the context of the elaboration of a shared and joint training framework on territorial safety,   in terms of ability, skills and knowledge.

An effective interaction and integration of the HENSE SCHOOL with the actors of the development of the territory is promoted which will capitalize the competitiveness of research, training and innovative entrepreneurship, creating specific tools that aim to include the knowledge economy in industrial processes and territorial safety protocols . 

The joint degree and post-graduate courses , activated ​​at the Universities that are part of the HENSE SCHOOL Network, were therefore designed in accordance with the HENSE SCHOOL Program,  e  synchronized with the safety needs of the territory and institutional and competitive repositioning  of public bodies and innovative companies, in a shared context of community sustainable development.

All courses   are intended to train, with a level of qualification consistent with the type of followed training path,   professionals able to :

  • develop original ideas, even within a research context ( knowledge and understanding );

  • use the skills acquired to solve complex problems, typical of diagnostic activity, in the field of safety ( applying knowledge and understanding );

  • integrate with autonomy of judgment the knowledge to manage complex problems ( making judgments );

  • communicate, with high levels of skills, information, ideas and solutions to specialist and non-specialist interlocutors   ( communication skills );

  • acquire learning skills, follow advanced professional training courses with a high degree of autonomy ( learning skills );


The training courses will be completed, with the support of preliminaries  orientation activities, by internships and field activities that will be carried out in public and private  bodies partner of HENSE SCHOOL which will allow the acquisition of interdisciplinary skills in the field of diagnostics and territorial system monitoring.

Such   reconfiguration of the relations between the University and the social and economic actors of the territory will also determine:

  • an improvement in the knowledge of the territory by the community, through the acquisition of useful data for the adoption of targeted prevention policies, through the use of professionals with adequate levels of training in the field of evaluation and monitoring of the environmental e territorial risks;

  • the creation of  a stable network of cooperation and exchange between   research centres and innovative technological companies.

Seismic safety and sustainable urban development 

II level international and inter-university Master in:


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