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With the School and the University
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  • Traineeships and Job Placement

  • Out going orientation

  • Ongoing orientation  

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from the School

Studente universitario
  • Orientation to the work 

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to employment 

to the University

From School to University and entering the world of work

Within an international evolution project and traditional Training and Research Centers, the HENSE SCHOOL project gives a voice to students, to be regarded not only as users of training courses, but rather as bearers of ideas to be involved in the definition of development strategies of the School and the University, in the process of interaction and integration with the territory.

A significant link between School, University and the social context is also encouraged, both by promoting an awareness-raising activity and knowledge of territorial risks that can concretely contribute to improving the dialogue between students / citizens / institutions / social actors, and by enhancing their action to claim the right to safety in the event of natural disasters.

Furthermore, an actual contribution is provided related, on the one hand, to the orientation of students to the choice of future university courses, on the other, to the training of professionals with a high technical potential, consistent with the safety needs of the territory, for also of their correct entry into employment.

The HENSE SCHOOL  Partnerships with the School, the University and the Research centres are therefore of strategic value to overcome the anachronistic border among School, University and social commitment.

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