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The approach to self-empowerment is characterized as a set of techniques that allow you to make the best possible use of your resources in work and study, having control of everything that happens in your relational and working life, feeling protagonists along a path whose end is not in sight. Among the most important elements of this path it  are to be highlighted the knowledge, skills, creativity, imagination, knowing how to relate to others, self-esteem, the desire to succeed; elements that identify strategic resources of the human capital to be disseminated within and outside their work activities and in social contexts so that they can be transformed into operational products and services. A tool to make the best use of one's resources to satisfy needs, objectives, desires.

Self-empowerment is therefore a tool to respond effectively and efficiently to the needs of the working and professional world, adapting to difficult contexts, assuming the relative responsibilities, and finding lymph in daily challenges and opportunities.

In the training paths promoted by the HENSE SCHOOL, self-empowerment courses with exercises  and targeted applications of the approach are planned.

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