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Final test of the training process

Environmental diagnostics and safety

Joint undergraduate and postgraduate courses in:

Bachelor's degree /  

To take the final exam, students must have acquired the credits corresponding to the training process, including those relating to the final exam, which consists in the discussion of the thesis developed under the guidance of a supervisor designated by  Local Coordination Committee  delle Partner Universities of the HENSE SCHOOL.

The student will have to prove, in the elaboration of the thesis, to have well assimilated the topics addressed during the studies.  

Students who pass the final exam will be awarded marks, from letter A to letter E    which can be followed by + " "Or a" - ".

The graduation sessions will be held in July, October, December and March. 


Between 1 and 30  October of the last year of the doctorate, candidates must send a request to the College of Professors to take the final exam, in order to be entitled to an extension (a few months) or to postpone the final exam to the following academic year.

The following documents must be attached to the request for the final doctoral exam:

The authorization of the Teaching Body to take the final exam;

  • Thesis title form;

  • Filing declaration della tesi di dottorato;

  • A digital copy of the thesis;

The theses will be sent  to the members of the Commission for the final PhD exam, whose names will be published on the website of each HENSE SCHOOL Partner University.

The discussion of the doctoral thesis will be granted if, at least:

  • The thesis was developed over a period of three months with a HENSE SHOOL Partner University located in  un different _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3bbadd ;  

  • Three professors, each from another university partner in the HENSE SCHOOL network, have a positive evaluation of the manuscript. A member of the jury should in any case come from the university where the thesis will be defended.

The discussion of the doctoral thesis will be presented in English. Grades from A to E will be awarded to students taking the final exam, which may be followed by a "+" or a "-".

2nd level Master

The final exam of the Master course  consists in the discussion of the thesis developed under the guidance of Tutors designated by the_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136ccbad7_bad5cf58d Local Coordination Committee  delle  Partner University of HENSE SCHOOL.

Continuing education courses /  Corsi 

In accordance with the characteristics of the training course



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