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La HENSE SCHOOL  is the expression of a project consistent with the general and specific objectives of the non-profit Consortium TerrSafeiLab in the field of territorial security, and has as its objective the a stable communication platform between research structures, institutions, companies and communities, capable of contributing to the training of innovative professional figures with specific skills in the field of territorial security which is combined with sustainable economic development.

The set of activities planned, which characterizes the HENSE SCHOOL Program , is focused on innovation and the economy of knowledge , or rather on the ability to continuously regenerate, on the one hand, the training offer of innovative professional figures consistent with the needs of security of the territory , on the other hand the offer of solutions and services aimed at improving development policies within a paradigmatic framework of governance of the territory itself.

The generation of innovation by Universities and Research Centers, and its inclusion in institutional and / or entrepreneurial practices, also through specific training initiatives, indeed characterizes that intangible capital that determines the acquisition of competitive advantages related to the realization of un_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ public-privat framework or with the actors of the economic development of the territory, in the context of the enhancement of resources . 

As a result of the  reconfiguration of the relationship between Institutions, Universities and Research Centers, businesses, citizens ,   through a network logic, the promotion of innovation, on the one hand will contribute to the repositioning institutional of the Public Administration (also as a result of a better and correct understanding of procedures and protocols related to the safety of the territory), on the other hand it will determine a significant incentive to the_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ competitive repositioning of business structures (also attributable to the competitive advantages acquired with the inclusion of innovation in business practices).

The knowledge economy is therefore an essential reference for the configuration of new training courses that can transform, on the basis of targeted sustainability strategies, the approach to territorial management from a chapter of public expenditure to a strategic economic sphere.

The objective of HENSE SCHOOL is therefore attributable to the commitment of a network of universities, research structures, institutions and companies in un  project of evolution and internationalization of traditional training and research structures , for the definition of specific training courses for professional figures in the area of security of the territory. This is the context of the new relationship between those who produce and those who promote innovation, in the context of a shared and participatory land management policy, which has the sustainable economic development of the community as an ethical presupposition. To this end, three-year degree courses, master's degrees, higher education and continuing education courses will be activated with the release of joint degrees by the universities that adhere to the HENSE SCHOOL, which will have legal value in all the countries where the aforementioned universities are based.

 The courses of the HENSE SCHOOL Program , characterized by adequate levels of sustainability, are related on the one hand to the international dimension of the training offer, to the quality and interdisciplinary nature of teaching with the involvement of teachers, including external teachers to the University, on the other hand, to the concrete territorial integration and the ability to attract funding.

Transnational training will also be encouraged according to homogeneity criteria, enhancing the contributions of individual countries with a view to inter-university cooperation, which harmonises the methods of intervention of the structures of the individual universities, with significant repercussions on the definition and sharing of teaching, learning and field verification . 

A greater and more incisive communication between research structures and the production system will be promoted for:  

  • Improving  the knowledge of the territory, providing analysis and scientific data useful for the adoption of  bbc594bde-136bd-136bad5cf58d_b of prevention configured on the training of innovative professional figures   in the field of assessment and monitoring of environmental and territorial risks;

  • Create the conditions for the competitive repositioning of companies in the security sector of territorial systems, creating a stable network of cooperation and exchange with le research structures.


The interaction and integration of the HENSE School with the actors of the economic development of the territory  will allow to enhance the competitiveness of the research and training system _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_e of technological entrepreneurship with the preparation of specific tools aimed at inserting the knowledge economy in business processes and in the security protocols of the territory itself.

Joint undergraduate and postgraduate courses in:

Environmental diagnostics and safety

General objectives of the project 
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