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The Quality and Compliance Committee

The Quality and Compliance Committee performs assistance and supervision activities in the adoption and implementation of the HENSE SCHOOL policies and procedures with high ethical and legal standards, respecting best practices, operational, safety and regulatory requirements. In particular, it provides for:

  • defining the training activities with a precise coherence check with the specific needs of the territory, placing itself in a dimension open to interdisciplinary input, which catalyzes the interest of Research institutes, Institutions and companies on their social relevance;

  • monitoring the procedures, organization and management of the HENSE SCHOOL's programs regarding their quality and project compliance, reporting any changes to be made to the training courses to achieve the expected results and to reach the benchmarks for quality performance and ethical standards;

  • delegating to the structures located at each HENSE SCHOOL Partner University the completion of appropriate actions for the assessment of the quality levels of the carried out activities;

  • acquiring from Institutions and Companies at local, national and international level any information useful for assessing the needs of professionals related to the territory safety to be included in the labor market;

  • verifying the adequacy of the facilities and infrastructures of the Partner Universities for carrying out the planned activities;




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